GigaTera® SUFA Series – Industry Series NMBF™ Technology

Model Power CRI Lumen Specification
SFX400-A50 ip66 400W 70/80/90 42,000 lm Download
SFX500-A50 ip66 500W 70/80/90 52,500 lm Download
SFX600-A50 ip66 600W 70/80/90 63,000 lm Download
SFX800-A50 ip66 800W 70/80/90 84,000 lm Download
SFX1000-A50 ip66 1000W 70/80/90 105,000 lm Download
SFX1200-A50 ip66 1200W 70/80/90 126,000 lm Download

GESS ecology

Wired, Wireless and sensor lighting control.

Maximize energy savings and  led lifetime.

SUFA Industry Lighting Series A50 – High mast application All weather coating– High power led 70 CRI / 80 CRI / 90 CRI available. High efficiency due GigaTera Inc. NMBF™ technology LM to LUX . Optimal uniformity low glare optics. Project applications : High mast, Terminal, Airport.

5-10 year Gigatera ® Inc. limited warranty. ies.file light simulation available on request.

SUFA Sports Lighting Series

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SUFA Sports Lighting Series at PeyongChang Winter Olympics 2018 – Korea.-

EIA led Energie investeringsaftrek free support (NL)

True to life Color Rendering Index (RA)
Light simulation warehouse lighting
Reflection technology
Increase lifetime with a little switch.
High mast uniformity performance
SUFA Sports lighting ultra slowmotion broadcasting