GigaTera® SUFA-H Sportslighting series – Height 46m, FIFA class A, Multi beam reflection technology  /// 4K – UHD Broadcasting up to 1,500 fps

GigaTera® Supplier Winter Olympics PeyongChang 2018


  • Environmental light pollution ?

No proper cut-off and light leakage causes glare.

  • Conform International and European requirements


  • Amateur matchfields and trainingfields
  • 10 year warranty

Extended GigaTera lim. warranty.  Including 10 year maintenance for BeNeLux area.

Gallery GigaTera Pro A Class

GigaTera® SUMA  Sportslighting series

/// Uniform light distribution at long distance

GigaTera® MAHA Sportslighting series

/// NEW Standard for Mast Lighting

GigaTera® SUFA  Sportslighting series

//4 K UHD Broadcasting up to 1,500 fps 

Gallery amateur matchfields and trainingfields