Broadwing  TLC-9000 

  • High performance LED workstation system
  • 3 step TOUCH switch

3 color temperatures. 3 step dimming.
9 combinations

  • Color rendering index

True to life color rendering 95> CRI

  • Information

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Broadwing options

Model Color SKU Watt CRI Lumen LED chip
Broadwing TLC-9000 BK Black 8809605009522 20 w 95> 2,000 LM561B plus Samsung LED
Broadwing TLC-9000 WS White / silver 8809605009515 20 w 95> 2,000 LM561B plus Samsung LED

3 step touch switch. 3 color temperatures and 3 step dimming.    9 combinations.

Warm 3000k – Mainly red light
Offers rest and promotes the state of mind. Good for the end of the day or relaxation moments.

Bright 4000k – Mainly yellow and orange light
Reduces mental fatigue. For tasks that require long-term concentration. for example reading, studying and word processing.

Cool 5000k – Mainly blue light
Increases productivity. Good for the morning and tasks that require a high degree of concentration.

Broadwing ergonomic desk lamp. Promotes comfort, well-being and productivity.

broadwing led anti-glare guard

Anti-Glare guard

The ‘anti-glare guard’ prevents glare and reduces eye fatigue caused by direct contact with the light. The diffuser prevents disturbing reflections on the screen.

Flexible gooseneck

The flexible gooseneck gives the opportunity to adjust the Broadwing in the right way. Determine the correct angle until no direct light reaches the eye. For the most comfortable experience possible.

True to life color rendering

For the visual experience and comfort it is important that the environment and the colors of objects are presented in a natural way. The Broadwing has a color rendering of 95 > CRI.

High performance workstation LED light.

The correct light intensity, color rendering and color temperature depending on the circumstances can make a perfect light setting. Which contributes to comfort, well-being and productivity.

3 step touch switch

The Broadwing TLC-9000 is adjustable in 3 different light intensities and 3 different color temperatures. 9 combinations. The best light setting for every moment of the day.

Workstation Task Lighting

The design of the Broadwing creates an excellent light distribution. No glare and very high uniformity (Uo). In accordance with workstation standards for processing data, EN 12464-1

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