Ambient LED Desk lamp®.

Nedfieds Lighting presents Ambient LED Desk lamp®

3 step color tuning touch switch

Flexible Gooseneck

Replaceable LED module

True to life Task ambient lighting

Performance that keeps a healthy office environment!

led provided by samsung

Premium Partner GigaTera®.

Our premium partner GigaTera offers interior and exterior research applied lighting with a true to life color rendering at >80 to >90 CRI. Applications for where a good color setting is required or desirable.
(Multi-Beam) Reflection Technology guarantees efficiency by bringing the lumen output efficient and evenly to LUX.


GigaTera® ecology service system.

Wired, Wireless and sensor lighting control.

Increase energy savings and maximize led lifetime.

Product focus

Ambient LED Desk lamp®

True to life color rendering

GigaTera WAPA series

50w – 75w – 100w

GigaTera EFL series

70w – 100w – 130w

GigaTera SEGA series

80w – 100w – 130w – 160w

GigaTera SEGA High power series

400w – 500w

GigaTera SETA series

60w – 80w – 100w

GigaTera MAHA series

150w – 200w – 300w – 400w – 500w – 600w

GigaTera SUFA series

200w – 400w – 500w – 600w – 800w – 1kW – 1,2 kW