Broadwing Ambient LED Desk lamp®.

Nedfieds Lighting presents Broadwing Ambient LED Desk lamp®

3 step color tuning TOUCH switch

Minimum 1000 lux at 100%

Replaceable LED module

Flexible Gooseneck

True to life Task ambient lighting

Performance that keeps a healthy office environment!

led provided by samsung

Premium Partner GigaTera®.

Our premium partner GigaTera offers interior and exterior research applied lighting with a true to life color rendering at >80 to >90 CRI. Applications for where a good color setting is required or desirable.
(Multi-Beam) Reflection Technology guarantees efficiency by bringing the lumen output efficient and evenly to LUX.


GESS ecology

Wired, Wireless and sensor lighting control.

Maximize energy savings and  led lifetime.

Product focus

Broadwing Ambient LED Desk lamp®

True to life color rendering

GigaTera WAPA series

50w – 75w – 100w

GigaTera EFL series

70w – 100w – 130w

GigaTera SEGA series

80w – 100w – 130w – 160w

GigaTera SEGA High power series

400w – 500w

GigaTera SETA series

60w – 80w – 100w

GigaTera MAHA series

150w – 200w – 300w – 400w – 500w – 600w

GigaTera SUFA series

200w – 400w – 500w – 600w – 800w – 1kW – 1,2 kW